Names and addresses of well-known hair transplant/restoration surgeons and hair transplant/restoration centers

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Looking for a good hair restoration surgeon? You can find one from the following hair restoration centers.

Once you are familiar with the various aspects of surgical hair restoration and have a fair idea hair transplant costs, the next step you would like to take is to contact a hair restoration surgeon. You may come across a number of hair restoration centers on internet or a newspaper, but you can't be sure about the quality of treatment they would provide you!

A good hair restoration surgeon would first of all would have a councelling session with you at hte hair restoration center and would be well-informed about your past history of medical hair restoration or any hair transplant surgery performed. The actual hair transplant information in terms of percentage of hair that can be harvested from the donor site without causing any visible scarring during its closing or causing very little hair being left at the donor site for future hair transplant surgery is very crucial for a hair transplant surgeon. And depending upon the Hair transplant information calculated as demand/supply ratio, an expert hair restoration surgeon exploits the donor hair for the greatest benefit of the patient, and this in fact is the biggest challenge of any hair restoration surgery.

The counseling session at hair restoraion center with the patient for designing of his or her hair line also helps the hair transplant surgeon. Considerations of the individual patient’s facial structure, expectations, and hair quality are a must. But, though the quantity and quality of hair varies, the concepts of hair transplant surgery remain the same for every hair transplant surgery performed. By creative planning, judicious use of available donor hair and aesthetic and strategic placing of hair follicle grafts, a hair transplant surgeon can do much for the patient’s expectations!

Although it is not uncommon for a hair restoration surgeion to transplant around 1500-1800 grafts as a single procedure, hair transplant information also helps to decide the future course of hair transplantation surgery. Whether the surgery would be performed as a single session or as 2 or more surgeries to allow for the transplanted hair to grow and behave as permanent hair also depends a great deal upon the correct assessment of donor hair and deriving correct hair transplant information. It also affects the cost of hair transplant.

For your knowledge and reference we are providing the names and addresses of some well-known hair restoration surgeons. All the hair restoration surgeon which have been listed here are experienced hair restoration surgeons who have handled minimum of 1000 cases of hair loss restoration and have performed more than 500 hair transplant surgeries including the repair of bad hair transplants.

Make up your mind and contact them, before you loose your candidature as an ideal person for surgical hair restoration.

Some of the Distinguished Hair Restoration Surgeons

Jerry Cooley, MD
The Hair Center
10502 Park Road,
Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28210
PH. 704- 542-1601
FAX. 704-542-1063

Jeffrey S. Epstein,
Foundation for Hair Restoration
6280 Sunset Drive
Suite 504
Miami, FL 33143
PH. 800-370-2883

Peter J. Panagotacos, M.D.
2001 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123
PH. 415-922-3344

William R. Rassman, MD
New Hair Institute
9911 West Pico Blvd.
Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA 90035
PH. 1-800-NewHair
(310) 553-6790
FAX. (310) 553-8626

Robert M. Bernstein,
MD, F.A.A.D.

Bernstein Medical, P.C.
125 East 63rd Street
New York, NY 10021
PH. (212) 826-2400
(866) 576-2400
FAX. (201) 585-0464

Bernard P. Nusbaum, MD
Hair Transplant Institute of Miami
The Offices at Merrick Park
4425 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Suite 230
Coral Gables, FL 33146
PH. (305)448-9100

David J. Seager, MD
Seager Hair Transplant Centre
2863 Ellesmere Road
Suite 401
Toronto, ON M1E5E9
PH. 1-888-377-3243
FAX. (416)287-3957
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