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Welcome to Hair Transplant Advice, the authentic source for information on hair restoration and hair transplantation.

Surgical hair restoration is the ultimate solution for permanent hair loss restoration. It involves follicular hair transplant replacment from the donor area of the scalp to a recipient area through intricate surgical hair restoration procedures and skilled hair transplant surgery.

The site provides information on the latest hair restoration procedures and techniques. The practical information is sure to help people in making an informed decision; whether it is medical hair restoration, hair transplant surgery or hair transplant repair of a bad hair transplant due to previous hair transplant surgery.

Hair loss restorationHair Loss Restoration
Medical hair restoration is divided into two categories, hair restoration by Drugs and hair restoration by Clinical Procedures. Several hair loss restoration medications have been approved by FDA for male and female pattern baldness. The prominent hair restoration drugs are Minoxidil and Finasteride. They are available anywhere over the counter. Besides the drug medication there are hair transplant surgery procedures where it is unmanageable to restore hair only by drugs. This section gives you comprehensive information on different medical hair restoration treatment options available for hair loss caused by infections and other non-genetic reasons.

Besides the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss restoration, surgical hair restoration has great potential for reconstructive surgery of the face and the repairing of bad hair transplants.

Hair transplant informationHair Transplant Information
Hair transplantation is the surgical removal of hair from a certain area of the scalp and its relocation to a bald or thinned area. Hair transplant as a hair restoration procedure is advancing very fast. New techniques have made it possible to transplant hair from smaller donor areas. Hair transplantation, though costly, gives phenomenal results. This section gives you useful hair transplant information, in terms of available donor hair and risk for future hair loss, which are very crucial for a hair transplant surgeon to do a proper planning of hair transplant surgery.

A list of renowned hair transplant surgeons (who have performed more than 500 hair transplant surgeries) along with the hair restoration center they belong to has been given for your reference.

Hair transplant costs varies from area to area and amount of micrograft transplantation. Are you looking for affordable hair transplants? Your personal goals in hair restoration also determine the costs. If you need sophisticated hair transplants involving less invasions, less time and better results, you might have to pay more. This section gives you the big picture of hair transplant costs for men and women year-wise. Get a fair idea of hair transplant costs. Find out the factors which can make your hair transplant affordable.

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